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Dear Supplier,

On March 17th we informed you of our intention to merge Autoneum's IMDS accounts into one global Autoneum account.The first stage of the merger was successful, so now you should always be sending MDSs to Autoneum Europe, which has the following IMDS account number 166728.

If you are unaware of the merger, please refer to the letter below sent on 17th March, 2016:

Autoneum prioritizes compliance with all legal regulations to ensure the responsible use of hazardous substances within our supply chain. We have a policy to assure that our products guarantee the health and safety of both our workers and customers and to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

In order to improve visibility and data accuracy of our material data sheets (MDS) over the whole product development process, we will merge Autoneum's existing International Material Data System (IMDS) accounts. The new global Autoneum account will be subdivided into four organization units, one for each business group: Europe, North America, Asia and South America, Middle East and Africa. These will each have a unique new IMDS “company” account number. All future MDS submissions must be made to the correct new IMDS ID number.

All pre-existing IMDS “company” ID numbers in your data will automatically be changed from the old ID number to the new ID number. When creating a new MDS, search for the company by organization name. For Europe, this will be Autoneum Europe. Only the new IMDS ID numbers will be available and not the old ones. Additionally, the unique IMDS MDS ID numbers will not change for existing MDS entries.

Please note that Autoneum's IMDS accounts will be unavailable for approximately 6 hrs during the IMDS account merging process. This merger is planned for April 5th, 2016 for Business Group Europe. During this time our suppliers and customers will not be able to access any of Autoneum’s IMDS accounts that will be affected by the merger.

Directly after the merger, we will contact you again to confirm that the merger successfully took place and provide you with the new IMDS Company ID numbers.

Sincerely, Autoneum Material Compliance Team

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